The Association of Radiation Oncology Program Coordinators (AROPC) was founded by Ms. Cordelia Baffic, Associate Director of Medical Education at the University of Pennsylvania.  She oversees both Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology Residency Programs and has over 25 years of experience.  In her tenure, she has graduated over 300 prominent radiation oncologists who are currently practicing in both academic and private practice settings.  She has served under three departmental Chairmen, four Designated Institutional Officials and five university Deans.  Beyond mastering the increasingly complex role of program coordinator, Ms. Baffic has been instrumental in pioneering several innovative education programs including, the joint Radiation Oncology Nuclear Medicine Initiative.  In her role, Ms. Baffic identified the need to progress and establish a professional specialty association exclusively for residency program administrators.  In practice, the role of the training program administrator is that of an effective and valuable member of the educational leadership team.  The AROPC acknowledges and nurtures the role and directs its focus on professional development, leadership, mentoring, and data-driven outcomes.