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February 22, 2023

2023 Annual
General Meeting
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ADROP/AROPC Lunch and Learn Webinar

March 14, 2023

New & Improved AROPC Member's Platform

October 6, 2022

Education Opportunities

Webinars &

in-person events

AROPC Membership

Welcome to the Members Platform

As an organization, it is our mission to provide a network of resources and education opportunities for Program Coordinators in the Radiation Oncology field (including Medical Physics and DMP/MMP).

AROPC paid members have access to the following:

Interview Calendar for coordinating residency interviews across the nation.

Coordinator Directory with names, institutions and contact details of AROPC members.

Coordinators Toolbox, a sharing system which allows for the AROPC network to share original resources and files with one another.

Education Archives from previous webinars and lunch-and-learns.

Live Webinar trainings and education opportunities.

Job Board that is specifically tailored to the Radiation Oncology field.





Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Registration & Approval

Membership Dues

Access Resources

Become or Find a Mentor
in Community Forum

Residency interviews Community Calendar

Job Board to post and apply to open coordinator positions

National directory of
Program Coordinators

Training material and
on-going learning 

Becoming an AROPC Member

Membership Pricing

AROPC Membership is reserved exclusively for Radiation Oncology Program Coordinators*, Medical Physics Coordinators and DMP/MMP Program Coordinators. 

Radiation Oncology Coordinators



Medical Physics Coordinators



DMP/MMP Coordinators



*Dual program coordinators only register as Radiation Oncology Coordinators (one payment tier)

Inside the Member's Platform

All of the resources... support your Program Coordination needs.
Launch your AROPC Membership today.
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