Message from the AROPC Membership Committee:
The Association of Radiation Oncology Program Coordinators (AROPC) is recognized by the Association for Directors of Radiation Oncology Programs (ADROP) as the only radiation oncology national association that provides a support and advocacy forum for program administrators in radiation oncology.  Membership to the AROPC provides mentoring and quick access or guidance to resources requisite to efficiency in the role of program administrator.  The AROPC works collaboratively with the ADROP and is nationally recognized by the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and the Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO).  Membership is offered to all program coordinators and others who have an active role in the administration of Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics training programs.  Membership requires a yearly fee of $120.00.

Member Benefits


Coordinators learn about the job from other seasoned radiation oncology program coordinators, as well as from program directors.  

The AROPC Annual Meeting is a teaching, sharing, learning, and networking event to highlight relevant issues in the field of radiation oncology training, medical physics training, and graduate medical education.  The venue serves to enable the program administrator to identify needs pertinent to his/her role and job, adopt process improvement practices, and adapt leadership character with a focus on communication, mentoring, advocacy, and mindfulness.  Becoming a member will serve as an invaluable resource to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the radiation oncology administrator, thereby improving the learning environment and the overall educational experience of residents, fellows, and students.

Professional Development
The AROPC is an organization that provides a supportive environment, one that fosters learning and nurtures an educational experience for program coordinators to maximize their potential.

Career Counseling
The AROPC provides individual career counseling to further advance in the field.

Rad Onc Network Support
The AROPC provides a support network that extends all across the nation. Thus, new and seasoned program administrators are provided the opportunity to listen, learn, advise, and coach on the creativity of their peers.  Subsequently, the program directors and our programs benefit.

Classified Ads

The AROPC advertises for open positions in radiation oncology, including postings for administrators, training positions, faculty positions, and elective rotation opportunities for medical students, residents, and fellows.


To apply for membership, complete the AROPC membership application (click here).


To pay for membership, click the "go" button to pay membership dues ($120) through Paypal.  Once signed into Paypal, submit your payment to, then chose "sending to a friend" option when asked "What's this payment for?" on the Paypal website.  The "sending to a friend" option will not charge a payment fee.