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What we do

Connecting Experts & Supporting Leaders

The AROPC makes it easy for Program Coordinators across the country to connect, communicate and coordinate with one another. Our online resources provide an opportunity for experienced and first-time coordinators to access one another and deliver consistent best practices. 

We have developed a series of tools that support unified growth within the field of radiation oncology, medical physics and DMP/PPM. 

Online Resources and Tools

What’s Available with AROPC Membership
Interview Calendar

 The Interview Calendar is a tool that allows Program Coordinators to efficiently coordinate their interview schedules and avoid scheduling conflicts. Submit your dates and review the dates scheduled by other institutions.

Member's Directory

AROPC Members have exclusive access to a Directory which showcases contact information for all AROPC Members. Easily access contemporaries in the Radiation Oncology field. Edit your information or choose to exclude your listing. 

Job opportunity Board

The AROPC hosts a classifieds space which allows our members to post job listings and connect with those who are most qualified to apply for the position. Our team manages the listings to ensure all content is relevant.


AROPC Members have the opportunity to become verified expert contributors to the News section of the AROPC website. This tool is designed to help professionals get messaging out to the community in an efficient way.

1:1 Mentorship Program

Once approved as an AROPC Member, individuals are able to apply as someone seeking mentorship or offering mentorship. The AROPC coordinates applications and matches mentors and mentees with the best suited match.

Coordinator “Toolbox”

Evaluation Forms, Industry Best Practices and many more PDF’s and training resources to support you in your responsibilities as a Program Coordinator. These tools can be used as a reference, template or exactly as is.

Virtual Presentations & Trainings Archives

The AROPC records all meetings, trainings and presentations that are offered to our Members. Within the Training Centre our members are able to access previous recordings and search the content based on their specific needs.


AROPC Members are able to attend the annual AROPC meeting (AGM) and participate in voting. We host these educational events at the ACGME education conference each year and invite a guest speaker for each year, as well.

In-Person Education

AROPC Annual Meeting

Every year the AROPC holds it annual meeting during the ACGME education conference. We are proud to announce that this year our guest speaker is Karen M. Winkfield, MD, PhD

AROPC Keynote Speaker

Karen M. Winkfield, MD, PhD

Executive Director, Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance | Ingram Professor of Cancer Research | Department of Radiation Oncology, VUMC | Directory of Diversity & Inclusion, Department of Radiation Oncology, VUMC | Professor of Medicine, Meharry Medical College

Becoming an AROPC Member





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Registration & Approval

Membership Dues

Access Resources

Become or Find a Mentor
in Community Forum

Residency interviews Community Calendar

Job Board to post and apply to open coordinator positions

Training material and
on-going learning 

National directory of
Program Coordinators

Membership Pricing

AROPC Membership is reserved exclusively for Radiation Oncology Program Coordinators*, Medical Physics Coordinators and DMP/MMP Program Coordinators. 

Radiation Oncology Coordinators



Medical Physics Coordinators



DMP/MMP Coordinators



Program Directors



*Dual program coordinators only register as Radiation Oncology Coordinators (one payment tier)

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